Daylite tasks are “to-do” items that you wish to accomplish. There are different types of tasks in Daylite: To Do, Inbound Call, Outbound Call, Fax, Email, Mail, and Print.  You can create tasks to maintain a record of what work needs to be completed within a certain time frame.
For example, "a report that should be completed by Friday" is appropriate for a task. Tasks can also have sub-tasks. When you create a new task, you can record a multitude of information such as keywords, type, location, priority, and many others. Just as with appointments, tasks can have reminders to notify you about an upcoming task. They can be linked to any other Daylite object such as people, companies, projects, opportunities, groups, and notes.
The sidebar for tasks in Daylite displays the following:
  1. Worklist. This list is useful for collecting all Tasks that require your attention now. Across all your responsibilities, the Worklist gathers tasks you can complete now from the ones that have to wait, helping you to focus and get things done. Tasks from other lists can be added to the Worklist by dragging and dropping. Alternatively, you can select the task and click the Add to Worklist pin.
  2. My Tasks. My Tasks are a collection of all Tasks that you own as well as Tasks that have been delegated to you. My Tasks are organized by Inbox, Tasks List, and by Objectives Lists. You can choose to remove Tasks that have been Cancelled and Completed Immediately or Daily in the Daylite General Preferences. You can also keep My Tasks less cluttered and Hide Tasks by clicking on “Show Top 3” and expanding the list when you need to.
    • Inbox - The Inbox has been designed to capture all the Tasks that you create, that have not been assigned to an Objective. Ideally, the Inbox should be empty, and it is a good idea to periodically sift through your Inbox and assign Tasks to the appropriate Tasks List. You can add a Task to a Tasks List by dragging and dropping, or by linking to a Project or Opportunity.
    • Tasks List - Use this List to collect Tasks that you’ve decided need to be completed soon, are not urgent enough to be in the Worklist and are not related to Projects or Opportunities. You can add Tasks to the Tasks List by dragging and dropping them from the Inbox, or an Objective List. When Dragging from an Objective list, it will unlink the Task.
    • Objective Lists - Use these lists when you want to get more clarity on the work you need to complete for your Projects and Opportunities. Here you will see a complete list of all outstanding Projects and Opportunities with Tasks that are not completed or cancelled. These lists are automatically created when a Task is linked to a Project or Opportunity. They are removed when all Tasks are completed, or when the Status of the Project or Opportunity is no longer new or open. You can add Tasks by dragging and dropping them from your Inbox, Task List, or by linking Tasks to a Project or Opportunity. When a Task is linked to multiple Projects and Opportunities, it will appear multiple times and will be removed from both when completed.
  3. Delegated - This list displays all tasks delegated to you (i.e., the user you are logged in as) and all tasks delegated by you to other Daylite users.
  4. Done - This list shows all tasks you have marked as Completed
  5. All Tasks - This list displays all tasks you have created in this database.
For tasks that don’t have a specific due date, you can set their due date as “Someday.” These tasks are called Someday tasks. By creating Someday tasks, important to-do’s are saved in the database and you can review them during some downtime. You can create tasks and delegate them to other Daylite users while staying abreast of the changes happening. This gives you the benefit of sharing the workload in a fast-paced environment. You’ll notice that each task status has a visual representation within the checkbox area. You will see different visual states for the following statuses:
  • Open - Identified by a blank checkbox
  • In Progress - Identified by half-filled shading
  • Deferred & Pending - Identified by repeated dots
  • Done - Identified by a checkmark
  • Canceled - Identified by an X

Note: Tasks can also be displayed on the calendar using the option in the gear drop-down menu. Tasks must have a due date to show in the calendar). Showing completed tasks in the calendar is an option in the same gear drop-down menu which is only revealed when you choose to show tasks in the calendar.

Reoccurring Tasks are Tasks that repeat at regular intervals. You have the option to create one Task, but set it so that you have multiple with the same information. You can have the Task repeat as often as you like, whether that be daily, weekly, monthly or every other Friday, as an example. Please note that when it comes to repeating Tasks, you are only able to Edit the most current one available. Editing this most current Task will allow for you to then modify any future instances.