How can I print emails from the Activity View in Daylite? How can I print emails from the Activity View in Daylite?

How can I print emails from the Activity View in Daylite?

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Welcome to our help article explaining what to do if you are using Daylite and want to print emails directly from an object’s activity view. An object can include contacts, projects or opportunities. The activity view will house all items linked to the object, including emails. This how-to guide will provide steps for efficiency and productivity in your workflow. This tutorial is meant for support on the Mac Apple device. 

  1. Open the object's record in Daylite and choose to only show emails in the Activity View
  2. Select all emails that you'd like to print
    To select all emails, on the keyboard press Command+A. To select multiple emails, press and hold Command and individually click the desired emails. For adjacent emails, click on the first, then press and hold the Shift button and click on the last email; all will be selected.
  3. You can print two ways:
    A. Go to Daylite’s Menu Bar > File > Print
    B. Right click to open the Contextual Menu and choose Print

  4. From the printing window, select the print button
  5. A new window will appear where you will have the option to either print or save as a PDF


If you do not see the option to print in contextual menu, please select the "Customize this contextual menu" button. On the left-hand side of the window that opens, you will have the items listed that are possible actions to add to your menu. To add these, simply double-click or drag them over to the box on the right. In this case, we’re wanting to add the ‘Print’ action. To do this just select ‘Print Selection’ and drag it over to the box.

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