Latest Daylite Version Release Notes Latest Daylite Version Release Notes

Latest Daylite Version Release Notes

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Daylite for iOS 2021.28


  • Improved the design and alerts shown when creating and modifying external calendars in Daylite.

Daylite for macOS 2021.28


  • You can now step through the Week and Month calendars by a smaller duration (by day in the Week view and by week in the Month view) by holding the Option key while using the View > Calendar > Next/Previous menu items. For the Month view this only works if your Calendar Preference setting is set to "Show week and month: looking forward from today".

  • Using a plug-in with Daylite now requires user approval. When installing a plugin, a prompt will be shown for the user to give it access to Daylite.


  • Daylite on macOS Big Sur will now correctly prompt to Save changes when closing a Letter Template that has unsaved changes.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking "Show in Daylite" opened a new window to show the item instead of using the existing window.

  • Done Tasks now respect the "Remove Done Tasks Daily" preference and will clear automatically on the next day.

  • Fixed an issue where Emails in Daylite would sometimes display buttons off the screen if there were several addresses in the To or Cc fields.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the default width of the detail pane in the detail/activity split view to be too narrow.

  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when adding/removing contacts from Groups.