Daylite for iOS Public Release Notes History Daylite for iOS Public Release Notes History

Daylite for iOS Public Release Notes History

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Daylite for iOS 2022.23 Build 5089 (Jun 20, 2022)


  • Our teams have been working on an improved sync system that will carry us forward to the future. The objectives of this sync system are:

    • Handle more users and larger databases.

    • Work smoothly on big sync changes.

    • Boost the efficiency of individual syncs.

    • Provide better support for future changes.

    To accomplish these goals, we have made the following sync improvements:

    • If you make a big change (i.e. bulk edit), Daylite breaks it down into smaller groups and syncs them separately over short time intervals.

    • Changes made on one device will trigger syncs on any other devices.

    • Improved error reporting and handling when sync issues are detected.

Additional Improvements

  • Added support for sending more file types (Live Photos, iCloud shared files) in Daylite Mail.

  • Added the ability to insert and paste images in the content of an email in Daylite Mail.

  • Added the ability to use Daylite Mail to invite external meeting attendees.


  • Fixed an issue where composing an email with pasted text and image would send a blank email.
  • Fixed an issue where the list of keywords was not refreshing when a new keyword was added.
  • Fixed an issue where Daylite could crash when saving a new opportunity after creating a new project.

Daylite for iOS 2022.14.1 Build 4918 (May 24, 2022)


  • Added an option to toggle automatic phone formatting in the Daylite Settings > Contacts > Phone Numbers.

Daylite for iOS 2022.14 Build 4914 (May 9, 2022)


  • New and improved phone formatting is here! Previously Daylite only automatically formatted North American numbers but we've made some changes to allow international phones to be automatically formatted as well.

  • When importing from the Contacts app you can now choose "Search for Contact" to search for a single contact or "Select Contacts" to choose multiple from the displayed list.

  • When composing a new email in Daylite Mail you can now add file attachments! On iPad you'll see a new paper clip icon and on iPhone when you tap the more icon (...) you'll see "Add Attachment".

  • When forwarding emails in Daylite Mail that contain attachments they will now be included (you can choose to remove attachments at the bottom of the compose window).


  • Increased the tap area around the Contacts Details and Activity buttons to make them easier to select.

Daylite for iOS 2022.8.1 Build 4775 (Mar 24, 2022)

Important Notice

  • Trial date text has changed from 30 to 14 days


  • Same fix notes as 2022.8

Daylite for iOS 2022.8 Build 4774 (Mar 21, 2022)


  • Improved detection of URLs, Phone numbers, Addresses, Flight numbers, Shipment tracking numbers in some fields within Daylite.


  • Fixed an issue where Tasks could not be moved to or reordered within a custom Task list for Projects and Opportunities.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented selecting a reason when changing an Opportunities state.

  • Fixed an issue where tapping the Subtask indicator on a Task would not show its Subtasks.

  • Fixed an issue where social profile fields were not being imported when importing vCards.

Daylite for iOS 2021.50 Build 4595 (Jan 4th, 2022)


  • You are now able to set which day of the week your calendar starts from within the Calendar settings in Daylite.

  • Improved the workflow when importing Contacts from iOS into Daylite.

  • Daylite will check for duplicates when importing Contacts and update/add to existing records instead of creating a duplicate.

  • Improved the numeric sorting of Keywords, Resources, and Teams in menus and pickers.

  • Sorting Projects or Opportunities by priority will now sort them from high to low priority and items with no priority will be shown at the bottom.


  • Fixed an issue where certain reminders may not fire.

  • Fixed a Calendar UI refresh issue where objects being edited/deleted were showing incorrectly as appointments.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented sending email invitations when inviting Contacts to appointments/meetings.

Daylite for iOS 2021.44 Build 4360 (Nov 25th, 2021)


  • You can now Sign Up for an account directly from Daylite on your iPhone or iPad.
  • The Log In flow has been refreshed and modernized for a smooth login experience.
  • Added support for In-App Purchase to subscribe to Daylite (for individual user accounts).


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when resuming a file transfer.
  • Fixed an issue where the Today highlight in Calendar was not updating when the day changed.

Daylite for iOS 2021.39 Build 3966 for iOS (Sept 29, 2021)


  • Added support for time-sensitive notifications in iOS 15.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur on iPads when popovers are shown in Daylite Mail.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping “New File” in the Activity section may not be responsive.

Daylite for iOS 2021.28 Build 3966 for iOS (Aug 11, 2021)


  • Improved the design and alerts shown when creating and modifying external calendars in Daylite.

Daylite 2021.17.1 Build 3692 for iOS (Jun 23, 2021)


  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Daylite 2021.17 Build 3671 for iOS (May 17, 2021)


  • Fixed an issue that prevented mailboxes from fetching more emails when scrolling to the bottom.

Daylite 2021.4 Build 3414 for iOS (Feb 10, 2021)


  • The Home view will now show the last successful sync date instead of the last sync attempt when pulling down on the screen to sync.

Daylite for iOS 2020.50 Build 3257


  • You can now set the appearance of Daylite to follow the System, or stay in Light/Dark mode (Settings > Appearance).


  • Fixed an issue where some Appointments could incorrectly show a strikethrough.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for emails may not display matching results.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Details view to incorrectly update and show another item after a sync.

Daylite for iOS 2020.45 Build 3091


  • When viewing other users’ private Appointments in the calendar day/week view, it will now show useful information for scheduling. The busy bar on the left side will be shown to indicate whether the user is free/busy and a strikethrough is shown if the Appointment is cancelled, postponed or declined.

  • We've made some Dark Mode improvements to the Calendar colors for easier viewing.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Daylite Sync Finished alert to be displayed after every subsequent sync.

  • Searching within Tasks list will now return results.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping "More" to see additional Search results caused a crash.

Daylite for iOS 2020.40 Build 2927


  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Daylite for iOS 2020.13 Build 2175


  • Daylite will now alert you if it hasn't synced for a few days.

Daylite for iOS 2020.7.1 Build 2033


  • Localization improvements.

Daylite for iOS 2020.7 Build 2027


  • You can now lock Daylite using FaceID/TouchID/Passcode. You can enable this in the Settings section within Daylite. Please note, if you are unable to unlock Daylite with any of these methods, you can still authenticate with your Daylite password. This check does require an internet connection.

Daylite for iOS 2020.2 Build 1794


  • An error will now be displayed when trying to sync a misconfigured Gmail account.