Daylite 2020.xx for iOS Public Release Notes Daylite 2020.xx for iOS Public Release Notes

Daylite 2020.xx for iOS Public Release Notes

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Daylite for iOS 2020.50 Build 3257


  • You can now set the appearance of Daylite to follow the System, or stay in Light/Dark mode (Settings > Appearance).


  • Fixed an issue where some Appointments could incorrectly show a strikethrough.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for emails may not display matching results.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Details view to incorrectly update and show another item after a sync.


Daylite for iOS 2020.45 Build 3091


  • When viewing other users’ private Appointments in the calendar day/week view, it will now show useful information for scheduling. The busy bar on the left side will be shown to indicate whether the user is free/busy and a strikethrough is shown if the Appointment is cancelled, postponed or declined.

  • We've made some Dark Mode improvements to the Calendar colors for easier viewing.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Daylite Sync Finished alert to be displayed after every subsequent sync.

  • Searching within Tasks list will now return results.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping "More" to see additional Search results caused a crash.

Daylite for iOS 2020.40 Build 2927

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Daylite for iOS 2020.13 Build 2175


Daylite will now alert you if it hasn't synced for a few days.

Daylite for iOS 2020.7.1 Build 2033


Localization improvements.

Daylite for iOS 2020.7 Build 2027


You can now lock Daylite using FaceID/TouchID/Passcode. You can enable this in the Settings section within Daylite. Please note, if you are unable to unlock Daylite with any of these methods, you can still authenticate with your Daylite password. This check does require an internet connection.

Daylite for iOS 2020.2 Build 1794


An error will now be displayed when trying to sync a misconfigured Gmail account.