Creating a Mailing Label Template in Daylite Creating a Mailing Label Template in Daylite

Creating a Mailing Label Template in Daylite

Julia Julia

If you’re looking to send out physical letters to multiple clients, Daylite allows you to print your contacts’ addresses as a label sheet.

To do so, please go to Daylite to set up your printing template:

1. From the top menu, go to Daylite—>Settings

2. Select Report Templates and click on New Template

3. Choose Label Sheet-->Name your template and click Next



4. Select Address #1(Avery#5960)


5. Select your paper size and you will see Label 5160 already chosen for you-->click Next and then Save.


Tip: When you then select your contacts and go to File-->Print,  you will just need to choose this label template for printing.

To add the Company name to the printing labels, you will need to add the dynamic text fields to your template:

  1. Go to Report Templates --> Labels --> Choose your label
  2. Double Click on the label to open the edit box 


Click on the Name field and go to Report --> Object --> double click the "Company Name" token -->ok. 


Success: The company name will now be added to the label.