How to bulk change the owner of objects in Daylite How to bulk change the owner of objects in Daylite

How to bulk change the owner of objects in Daylite

Julia Julia

You can change the ownership of objects belonging to a Daylite user by bulk editing the owner field of those items.

As a first step, you would need to create a smart list to pull up all items owned by this employee - this will have to be repeated for all areas of the app, like People, Companies, Projects etc:

Smart List filter menu is opened, field is set to Owner is Nora krause

Once all contacts, as an example, are filtered, select all of them (press and hold the Shift+Option keys, then click the items) and go to Edit from the top menu-->Bulk Edit:

Edit button from top menu is opened, Bulk Edit 7 People is highlighted

Alternatively, the Bulk Edit command can be added to the Contextual Menu:

  1. Navigate to Daylite --> Settings --> Contextual menu
  2. Select the object, in this case, People
  3. Simply drag the Bulk Edit function from the Available Menu Items column to the Objects Menu column on the right.
Once this is done, press  and hold the Control key while you click the selected contacts to produce a drop-down menu—>click Bulk Edit

In the window that opens, check the Owner box and select the new owner from the drop-down menu-->Apply:

Bulk Edit window, Owner box is checked next to a drop-down menu

The ownership of all those contacts will automatically be switched to the new person.

If you're changing the ownership because a user is leaving your company, please do so prior to deactivating them from Daylite, as searching for objects owned by an inactive user will not be possible.