This does not constitute legal advice and is understood to be general guidelines on how you can use Billings Pro as part of your greater GDPR compliance strategy. To ensure complete compliance with GDPR, discuss with your own council.

A growing number of digital privacy laws require businesses to ask for consent to data collecting. Documenting who has and hasn't given consent is an important part of this process.

Here is one way you can try to document consent in Billings Pro:


  1. Open Billings Pro Preferences.
  2. Choose Extra Fields.
  3. Designate one of the four extra fields listed under Client as "Consent Given?".
  4. Close Preferences.

Documenting Consent

  1. Select a Client that has given consent.
  2. Choose File > Edit Client.
  3. In the "Consent Given?" field, add "Yes" or "No."
  4. Select OK.

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