A subtask is a task that is a part of the main task. When you have the main task that requires multiple other smaller tasks that must be completed, you can create the smaller tasks as subtasks for the main task.

Adding a subtask using Daylite on the Mac

  1. Select the task you wish to add as a subtask.
  2. Hold down the option key, drag and drop it on the primary task. A new subtask will be created for the primary task. The primary task displays an expandable arrow that you can click to view the subtask.

Alternatively, you can select the primary task, right-click or control-click and choose New Subtask.

Adding a subtask using your iPhone or iPad

Creating subtasks from your iPhone or iPad works a little differently, you will need to select the "parent" task first.

  1. Tap on the task you want to create a subtask for.
  2. Scroll down to Subtasks and tap New Subtask.
  3. Enter the subtask details and tap Save.

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