Find duplicate people or companies and combine these records.

To merge duplicate contacts please follow these steps:

  1. From the top Menu Bar in Daylite, click on Edit—>Find Duplicate Contacts
  2. Select whether you’re looking to merge People or Companies
  3. On the left side, the list of all potential duplicates will be displayed
  4. Select each one to see how many duplicates Daylite finds that are a potential match - check each record to make sure that it is in fact a duplicate and should be combined.
  5. By setting the star icon by one of the records from the left-side column, you can decide which record is retained and should be supplemented by the information from the other record.
  6. Click on the Combine button.

If certain contacts do not show up in the Find Duplicates window, then you still have the option to merge them manually. You can only do this two at a time, so once both have been highlighted go to Daylite's Menu Bar > Edit > Combine Contacts. The window that pops up is similar to the Find Duplicates one and you are able to choose how you would like for the final contact to look.