Approvals are necessary to ensure the accuracy and validity of slips before they are invoiced to the client. Upon completion of work, if an approver has been set on a project, all slips of the project must be approved prior to invoicing.

Only a manager with Billings Pro access can be an approver on a project. If a project is assigned an approver, then any other manager having Billings Pro access on a different machine will also be able to approve slips for the project; hence, it's very important to choose your managers wisely.

Once a slip is marked as completed, there are different ways to approve the slip and you can choose one of the following:

To approve slips from the Slips menu:

1. Select the project.

2. Select the slip(s) you want to approve.

3. Choose Slips > Approve Slip.

All slips waiting for your approval can be viewed by selecting the "Approvals" view. Billings Pro displays a number next to "Approvals" which is the number of slips waiting to be approved by you (the user you have logged in as).

To approve slips from the Approvals view:

  1. Select Approvals.
  2. Select the slip you want to approve. If you select multiple slips, all those slips will be approved at once.
  3. Click Approve.

You can also approve slips from the Working Slips area of the main window. Slips waiting for approval display a clickable "Approve" button which when clicked marks the slip as approved.

To approve slips from the Working Slips view:

1. Select the project.

2. Choose View > Working Slips.

3. To approve a slip, click the "Approve" button displayed on the slip.

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