Daylite and Billings Pro both come with an advanced feature which allow users to be able to create custom reports and templates that suit their needs. These reports are created inside of the Report Engine. As this is an advanced feature of our apps, it requires a user to have an understanding and comfort level of basic design and programming. This article is geared towards those who have this comfort level and experience, for any users who would like a report or template created that meets your needs we recommend contacting one of our Marketcircle Experts.

To access the Report Engine in Daylite

  1. Click Daylite
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Click Report Template
  4. Click New and select Report.

To access the Report Engine in Billings Pro

  1. Click Design
  2. Select the desired element you wish to create

Self Help resources

The following are resources that can be used to assist in the customization process

Note: The report engine for each application is very similar. While these resources may focus on one application specifically, the concept is the same across each.

Design & Layout Movie

Report Engine Documentation

Daylite Interactive Reports & Layouts

For assistance or designing the report engine, we encourage that you reach out to one of our Marketcircle Experts. Being an advanced development tool technical assistance for the Report Engine is limited.