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Delegation allows you to transfer over the responsibility of a Project to another user in the account.
When you delegate an Activity, a chain is created between the Delegator and the Delegatee. As the Delegator, you can choose to be notified about any changes in relation to the delegated Project.
How to Delegate a Project
  1. Open the Project and click Edit.
  2. Click the Delegate button at the bottom.
  3. A window will pop up with a drop-down menu, which will allow you to choose a user from your account to delegate the Project to. There is also a section to leave a note and a box to check off that will notify you when changes are made to the Project. 
  4. Click Delegate to save the changes.


A Smart List of Delegated Projects can be created to follow up in more detail on the changes made to the Projects. To learn more about Smart Lists, click here.