How to create a Zap Integration for Tasks in Zapier How to create a Zap Integration for Tasks in Zapier

How to create a Zap Integration for Tasks in Zapier

With the Daylite API you can create your own integrations for other apps helping you expand your capabilities as a business. Zapier is a service which allows you to create integrations using the API even if you aren't a programmer. These are called "Zaps".

Follow the steps below if you're interested in creating a Zap to create Tasks in Daylite while using other apps that also use Zapier.

  1. Click the ‘Make a Zap!’ button.
  2. Select the Trigger App that will bring new information into Daylite. In this example, we’ll use Google Tasks, however you can choose any app with an available Trigger in Zapier. Choose the ‘New Task’ option, then click on ‘Continue’.Alt text
  3. Choose your Account for the Trigger App. If you don’t have any accounts setup for the Trigger App yet, you can click on ‘Connect Account’ and follow the instructions. Once you’ve selected the account, click ‘Save + Continue’. Alt text
  4. Now you can configure the options for our Trigger App. In our example, we’ll select ‘Task List’ to choose which list we’ll get New Tasks from. Once that’s done, click ‘Continue’. Alt text
  5. Now you can test to fetch new information from the Trigger App. Follow the instructions and click on ‘Fetch + Continue’.Alt text
  6. If successful, you’ll see a ‘Test Successful’ message and can view the details of the item fetched by Zapier. Click ‘Continue’.Alt text
  7. Now you can setup Daylite as your Action step for the Zap. Click on ‘Set up this step’, and select Daylite as the Action App. You can now select the ‘Create Task’ action, and hit ‘Continue’.
  8. Select your Daylite account to use with the Zap. If you haven’t connected your account yet, select ‘Connect Account’ and follow the instructions. Then click ‘Continue’.
  9. Now you can setup the template for the Daylite tasks that will be created using this Zap. If the task will be assigned to a Daylite user other than yourself, select the Owner dropdown and choose the email address of that user. You can also set a Category or Keywords for all Tasks created by this Zap. Alt text
  10. The title is the only required field for the Create Task action. This can be a static text title, or you can generate a dynamic title using the info from the Trigger App. You can also setup any of the other optional fields, such as the task details, location, priority, estimated time, and due date. Once you have the template setup the way you’d like it, select ‘Continue’.
  11. You’ll now see a ‘Test Daylite’ screen with the details of the Daylite task you’ll create using your Zap template. Click on ‘Create & Continue’.Alt text
  12. If the task was created successfully, you’ll see a ‘Test Successful’ screen. Click ‘Finish’. Then you can name your Zap and make sure it is turned on so that new Daylite tasks will get created when new info comes in through the Trigger App. Alt text