Attention: Those considering upgrading to macOS Sonoma:

There is currently an Apple Mail crash being reported by other Mail Extension manufacturers, which has been isolated to Apple Mail.  Those who upgrade to Sonoma should expect a persistent crash when using any Mail extension preventing you from using Apple Mail. This issue will continue until Apple releases a fix in a later update. 


Daylite for macOS:

  • A macOS computer running Monterey (OS12) or newer
  • A Minimum of 500 MB hard-disk space. (Hard-disk space requirements may vary depending on the size of your database).
  • A high-speed network connection for sharing databases via LAN or WAN.
  • Internet access with DSL/Broadband/Cable 1MB or higher is recommended. 

- macOS High Sierra and Mojave users, please read this article

- Daylite does not support networked Mac OS X user accounts

- For optimal performance, we suggest using SSD's
Daylite does not connect through a browser, and because of this, it does not use the default browser TCP ports. Daylite uses ports 443, 11000, 2021, 4243. Daylite Mail Assistant uses 45159, 45160. These ports are open on all networks except those that intentionally block many ports such as offices with strict network policies, schools, hotels, and other public networks.

Daylite for iPhone and iPad:

  • iPhone or iPad running iOS 15 or later

Daylite Mail Assistant:

  • Apple Mail 13.0 or higher

Take a look at our Daylite Compatibility Guide for more details.