How to use PieSync to Share your Daylite Contacts How to use PieSync to Share your Daylite Contacts

How to use PieSync to Share your Daylite Contacts

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PieSync has been acquired by Hubspot. They have announced their end of service by August 2021. Please keep it in mind if you intend to use this integration with Daylite.
PieSync allows you to set up 2-way syncing between your Daylite contacts and other services such as Google Contacts, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, and more.

Follow the steps below to set up contact sharing using PieSync

Log in and Authorize your accounts

  1. Log into your PieSync account and begin a new connection with Daylite and then search for the service you wish to connect to: Alt text

  2. Authorize Daylite and your other account. If it is your first time connecting these accounts in PieSync, you will receive a pop-up window asking you to log in and allow access: Alt text

If you previously authorized your account(s) with PieSync, you can directly choose from your connected accounts. Alt text

Set up your Connection Rules

By default, you will see the basic two-way sharing Connection Rules for Daylite and your other account, if supported: Alt text If you are satisfied with this to start, you can skip down to Field Mappings. You can always come back and edit your connection from the My Connections section.

PieSync allows you to add additional rules based on the If-Then construction for your contacts, so if your contact meets the criteria, then the following should happen. This can be helpful if you want to add criteria like the contact having a certain category or being part of a particular Group, for example. Alt text

Other common IF Supported Conditions/Filters are:

  • In Category / In Group / In Project
  • Keywords
  • Owned by
  • Field values (including custom fields)
  • Already existing in the app, you sync with

You can also add criteria for what should be done with the synced contact, like adding it to a Group, adding/removing keywords, and much more.

Other common THEN Supported Actions include:

  • Add to Group / Project
  • Update Category
  • Remove from Group / Project
  • Set Owner to
  • Update Keywords
  • Updating field values (including custom fields)

Alt text

Review your connection settings and then proceed to Field Mappings:

Alt text

Field Mappings

PieSync will try to find the best matches for your fields and include the most common ones by default. You can turn any of these off as well as add additional mappings:

Alt text

The"Title" field can only be synced in one direction. More info about this exception can be found here.

You can custom map your Daylite Custom Fields and any additional standard fields that aren't included in the default mapping yet. More information on Customizable Field Mapping can be found here. Alt text

Start syncing

If you're ready to go, click the 'Start Syncing Now' button or choose 'Save for Later if you don't want to activate the connection right away.

Once you activate the connection, PieSync will begin scanning your accounts for contacts that meet the connection rules you set up; this initial activation could take some time if you have a larger number of contacts or complex rules. You will start to see updated statistics on how many contacts were synced and any failures or duplicates, which you can further review.