Performing a search in Daylite. Performing a search in Daylite.

Performing a search in Daylite.

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Daylite's search bar is a simple way to perform searches in your database. Your database could have many records of different types and finding a certain record fast and accurately is a priority for you, whether it's the name of a person, something you wrote in an email or a piece of information you added. The search field is located in the toolbar at the top-right corner of the main window.

Daylite search bar

You can enter a search term, like a name of a person, and Daylite will find any matching records, organized by object type.

Search Mary Jennings

You can select a record at any time to jump to it, either by selecting it with your mouse or navigating using the arrows on your keyboard and by pressing the Enter key.

If you want to view all the matching emails to "Mary Jennings", or any other type of object, you can navigate to Emails using the down arrow key on your keyboard and once you are highlighting an email, you can use the right arrow key to have Daylite only show only emails in the search window.

Search emails

If you would like to see this list in the main Daylite window, you can press the right arrow one more time.

Search all emails