You can now Create, Edit, Delete, Import and Export reports and layouts from the "Report Templates" preference pane.

You can do this by clicking on Daylite from the menubar, then selecting Preferences --> Report Templates. Alt text

You'll then be brought to the Daylite Report Templates view, in which you can click on New Template to choose from the many different available report options.

Alt text

The sprocket gear that you see on the right side of the template window is handy for editing, saving, and removing a template in Daylite. Alt text

Once you've selected the template of your choice, you will receive a prompt that provides you with the option to choose where you would like to set the application to (e.g. People, Companies, Projects, etc.). Alt text

After making your choice, give the report a name, click Next, and choose either an existing layout or start from scratch with a blank layout or report. Alt text

Lastly, after choosing your layout, click Next, and the final window will allow you to alter the paper size of the layout. Once you've finished making the necessary changes to your layout setup, you may continue through the prompt, and your layout will be opened and ready for any further adjustments.

Helpful Reminders

Reports are stored in the database by default. If you want local reports, you can still put them in ~/Library/Application Support/com.marketcircle.daylite/Templates.

Customizing reports does require a certain level of technical knowledge. Professional Services are also available for custom reports. Should you need these professional services, please let us know by initiating a ticket here, and we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.