Filtering the Calendar in Daylite Filtering the Calendar in Daylite

Filtering the Calendar in Daylite

Roxy Roxy

Daylite enables you to filter your Calendar and display Appointments matching specific criteria.

This feature is useful when you want to separate Appointments of only a certain type and view them in the Calendar. For example, you may want to view only your vacation days in the Calendar. You can simply click My Calendar, and filter by Appointments having the category “Vacation.”

To filter your Calendar

Working from the Calendar, click the filter button and enter the criteria for filtering. Daylite filters the calendar immediately and displays results.

The Calendar filter is open in Daylite.

Within the filtering popover, you can add more criteria by clicking the “+” button. To remove specific criteria, click the “-” button. When you are viewing a filtered Calendar, Daylite displays the word “Filtered.” Once you close the filter, the Calendar returns to the normal mode. Filtering is a temporary way of separating specific appointments matching certain criteria. If you are looking to save the criteria in your database for future access, you can do so by clicking Save as Smart List.