Creating reminders in Daylite Creating reminders in Daylite

Creating reminders in Daylite

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Daylite allows you to create reminders for appointments and tasks ensuring that you're always on top of your work. When fired, these reminders will appear in the reminder button as well as the Daylite icon will have a numbered badge indicating how many reminders need addressing.

Reminders can be set up easily when creating an appointment or task, or automatically by enabling default reminders.

How to create a single reminder

  1. Create a new appointment, or, edit an existing appointment.
  2. Under alerts, select the type of reminder you wish to set up and enter the details as required.
  3. Click Done.

You can add as many additional reminders as needed.

Adding Default reminders

Daylite allows you to create a default reminder so that when you create a task or appointment the reminder is already added. To add Default reminders, open Daylite Preferences and select Notifications.

in Daylite->Preferences->Notifications->Tasks

in Daylite->Preferences->Notifications->Appointments

Once in Notifications preferences set your preferred notification type as well as how they should appear.

Types of Reminders

  • Message -Basic notification
  • Message with Note - Notification with a note
  • Message with Sound - Notification that also plays a sound when fired
  • Email - An email notification sent from Mail at time notification fires
  • Run Script - Run an Apple Script at time notification fires
  • Open File - Opens specified file at time notification fires
  • Speak Text - When Notification fires Mac OS speaks specified text

Reminders are user-specific so each user in Daylite can establish their own reminders. Reminders set by one Daylite user will not fire in another even if the task or appointment is owned by another user.