How to accept meeting invites How to accept meeting invites

How to accept meeting invites

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In Daylite

When a Daylite User has been invited to a meeting by another User, the invitee will receive a notification. Here they can view brief details of the meeting and Accept/Decline the invitation.

An internal notification in Daylite about a meeting invite.

In Apple Mail

If you have Daylite Mail Assistant installed and you receive an external meeting invitation, you can view the invitation in Mail and respond to it from the Daylite Mail Assistant panel. Daylite Mail Assistant will process the meeting invitation and add it in Daylite only after you have responded by clicking either Accept or Decline.

  1. In Mail, select the email that has the meeting invitation. The Daylite Mail Assistant panel displays options to respond:

    Within Daylite Mail Assistant, the option to Accept or Decline an External Meeting Invitation.

  2. Click Accept or Decline. The meeting is then created in Daylite and the meeting response saved. An email is sent to the person who created the meeting, informing them about the meeting response of the invitee.