Daylite is the ideal solution for consultants to manage your client activities and prospects on your Mac, iPad and iPhone.

What are Industry Packs?

Industry Packs are a set of pre-built configurations designed to better your Daylite experience by providing Industry-specific details such as Categories, Keywords, Pipelines, etc.

Stay on Top of Both Client and Internal Projects

Track the progress of your clients’ projects in an organized and visually pleasing pipeline. Your whole team can easily see what tasks have been completed and what needs to be done next for a client or for an internal project.

Bring Your Entire Business With You

Have all your client info, calendar, and projects with you when you leave the house with Daylite on iOS. Set a reminder to schedule a client meeting when you’re on the road, or create a task related to a client project while you’re still in a meeting with your client.

Apple Mail Integration

Even link contracts and other important documents from your e-mails so you have everything you need from a client in one place.

Download the Industry Pack

Click the download button for the Industry Pack and read this article for instructions to install.


Daylite and Billings Pro in Consulting

Track your time and send professional invoices on the Mac, iPhone and iPad with Billings Pro. You can import your projects from Daylite into Billings Pro to invoice clients.

Read this article to learn how to import your projects from Daylite into Billings Pro.