Industry Pack for Wedding Photography Industry Pack for Wedding Photography

Industry Pack for Wedding Photography

Daylite is the ideal solution for wedding photographers to manage their clients and studio workflow on your Mac, iPad and iPhone.

What are Industry Packs?

Industry Packs are a set of pre-built configurations designed to better your Daylite experience by providing Industry-specific details such as Categories, Keywords, Pipelines, etc.

Track your Photography Process with Each Client

Visually see where you are with each client from introduction to wedding shoot to completing the wedding album. Share this info with your team so everyone is in the loop.

Take All the Wedding Details With You

Capture all the information about each wedding in one place that you and your team can access from your Macs, iPhones, and iPads. From the client information to the referral, the venue details and more - you have everything you need to know about every wedding at your fingertips.

Coordinate Your Team's Schedule

Daylite's shared calendar allows your team to schedule photo shoots, appointments, weddings, and even personal appointments without overlapping schedules. Your whole team can know where everyone is at any given time and even access this information wherever they are on their iPhone and iPad.

View All Email Correspondence with Clients

Refresh your memory of your last interaction with the bride, groom or wedding planner by viewing all your e-mails with a contact in one place. You can link your e-mails to a project so you and anyone on your team can view what's been discussed with a client about the wedding and find the info you're looking for right away.

Download the Industry Pack

Click the download button for the Industry Pack and read this article for instructions to install.


Daylite and Billings Pro in Wedding Photography

Track your time and expenses, sell prints, and send your clients beautiful invoices with Billings Pro. You can import your projects from Daylite into Billings Pro to invoice clients.

Read this article to learn how to import your projects from Daylite into Billings Pro.

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