Daylite is the ideal solution for musicians, DJs, and agents in the music industry to manage their bookings on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

What are Industry Packs?

Industry Packs are a set of pre-built configurations designed to better your Daylite experience by providing Industry-specific details such as Categories, Keywords, Pipelines, etc.

Manage Multiple Booking Schedules

Easily schedule multiple booking dates for yourself as an artist, or for others as an agent. You can pull up upcoming show dates on your iPhone or iPad when you're on the go so you don't double book. Daylite also helps you differentiate between potential booking dates and confirmed dates by assigning a specific category colour to "potential bookings" and another to "confirmed bookings".

Know Where You Stand on Each Booking

Keep track of where you are for each potential and confirmed booking with Daylite's simple pipelines. You can visually see how close you are to confirming the date, and what tasks need to be done leading up to the performance.

Remember Every Detail of Each Gig

Daylite integrates with Apple Mail so you can easily connect important emails to bookings and to contact records. Refer back to an email about a deposit amount or ticket details without having to search through your email inbox.

Use Daylite for Writing Music

Add a note with song lyrics, or snap a picture of written music that you can connect to a task for yourself. When you're ready to come back to writing, you can see all your notes and pick up where you left off. Set a due date for a task to finish a song and get reminders so you can prioritize time to write.

Work Wherever You Go

Daylite lets you bring your work with you on your iPhone and iPad so you can get more done, wherever you are. Schedule a concert, create a follow-up task with an agent, and add a note with your inspiration for a song from anywhere.

Download the Industry Pack

Click the download button for the Industry Pack and read this article for instructions to install. You will need to have Daylite already installed on your Mac to use the Industry Pack.