A slip that can be timed using a timer to calculate the total amount based on the number of hours worked and hourly rate is called a timed slip. If you have worked while you were away from your computer or onsite, you may want to add the extra time you have worked. Many times it becomes a necessity to add additional time to a timed slip that is not recorded by the timer.

A time entry is a period of time which you spent working on a timed slip, whether it was timed by the timer or added manually by yourself.

You can add time to a timed slip in 1 of the following ways.

  1. To add time to a timed slip

    1. In the Working Slips tab, double-click the Timed Slip card. The Timed Slip card opens.
    2. Click the Log button next to Duration. A sheet opens that shows all the timed entries for this Timed Slip.
    3. To add time, click the + button.
    4. Enter the duration of time you want to add in the Duration field.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Click OK again to close the Timed Slip card.
  2. To add time to a timed slip

    1. Select a slip.
    2. Choose Slips > Add Time.
    3. Enter the time.
    4. Click Add.

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