Billings Pro comes with several estimate styles, which you can customize to varying degrees to suit your needs. Most of the built-in estimate styles have options that you can change when you create an estimate including:

  • Font
  • Header text
  • Display of project name
  • Display of slip comments and dates
  • Display of columns, such as quantity or duration, price or rate, and applicable taxes
  • Calculation and display of taxes, associated registration numbers, and previous balance Currency format

To customize an estimate

  1. In the Estimate Slips tab, select the slip(s) you want to include in the estimate as individual line items.
  2. Choose Project > Send Estimate.
  3. In the Estimate window, you can do the following
    • Select a style for the estimate from the style gallery
    • Select a style for the estimate from the style gallery.
    • Click Preview to see how the estimate looks like
    • To further customize the estimate, click Options. Select the settings for customizing the estimate. Click OK.
  4. When you are ready to send the estimate, click Create.

If you wish to further customize your estimates, you can use the Report Designer to create a new template based on a built-in style. Choose Design > New Estimate and use an existing estimate layout as a basis for your new design.