Watch this video and be guided on how to export your Daylite contacts into a spreadsheet file format or look below to see a step by step guide.

Exporting People or Companies as a spreadsheet

  1. Select either People or Companies, depending on which you want to export
  2. Along the menu bar choose View > Multi-Column List
  3. Right-click on the column header and add the columns you wish to export
  4. Drag and drop the columns to rearrange them into the order you’d want them to show within the spreadsheet.
  5. Select the People or Companies you want to export
  6. From the Menu Bar select File > export > Export Visible Rows and Columns
  7. A window will pop up asking you to save this Export. Specify the destination and review the options for Format. We recommend leaving File Encoding and Line Endings as they appear in the default settings.
    There are two options within Format: Tab Delimited (TXT format) and CSV (Comma Delimited). Please see which option best suits your needs.
  8. Once saved, open the file on your Mac and your newly exported information will display with all the column headers you included for the Contacts.