In the Billings Pro Custom Report Engine, you can choose how to display dates in your invoice, estimate, statement, or report templates.

To change a dynamic text field's date format, open the report editor. Once opened, double-click the desired dynamic text field. Locate the formatter pull-down menu and choose Customer Date/Time. Now add the custom format.


"yyyy-MM-dd" will give you an output of "2016-12-21".

Reports using custom date formats in versions before Billings Pro 1.7.8 will need to be updated.

Specifier Output
E abbreviated weekday name
EEEE Full weekday name
MMM abbreviated month name
MMMM full month name
dd day of the month as a decimal number (01-31)
d day of the month but does not print the lead 0 for days 1 through 9
SSS milliseconds as a decimal number (000-999)
HH hour based on a 24-hour clock as a decimal number (00-23)
hh hour based on a 12-hour clock as a decimal number (01-12)
D day of the year as a decimal number (001-366)
MM month as a decimal number (01-12)
mm minute as a decimal number (00-59)
a AM/PM designation for the locale
ss second as a decimal number (00-59)
e weekday as a decimal number (1-7). 1 is the first day of the week set by regional Preferences
VV time zone region
yy the year without century (00-99)
yyyy the year with century (such as 1990)
zzzz time zone name (such as Pacific Daylight Time)
Z time zone offset in hours and minutes from GMT (HHMM)
--shortdate 16-11-1
--mediumdate 16-Nov-01
--longdate Tuesday, November 1, 16