Using the Daylite calendar Using the Daylite calendar

Using the Daylite calendar

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The Calendar provides a visual representation of appointments, meetings, holidays, events or any other scheduled items. Using the calendar, you can manage your own schedule, and also access the schedule of other Daylite users.

To view the Calendar, simply click Calendars in the sidebar. When you create a new appointment, you can enter many details including the type of appointment, a category, single or multiple keyword(s), timezone, users, resources, reminders and permission.

You can create meetings and invite Daylite users or send external meeting invites for people who are non-Daylite users but are contacts in your database. There are 3 different ways to view the calendar.

The Calendar view

You can click the Calendar button in the toolbar to view the Day, Week and Month view of the calendar.

The Multi-Column List view

You can click the Multi-column list view button in the toolbar to view all appointments for the selected year range in a list. When you select an appointment, the Inspector pane for your calendar on the right side displays more information about the appointment. Appointments can be created on their own, or linked to any other Daylite object (such as a person, company, project, opportunity, or group). You can also create Smart lists to display appointments that match specific criteria. For example, using Smart lists, you can view all events tagged with the category “Conference” in one view.

Viewing the calendar of other users

Your Daylite calendar is shared and is accessible to other users. You can also view the calendar of other Daylite users, for example, your team members or workmates. Working from the Calendar, select All Calendars, click None and select the Daylite user whose calendar you want to view. You may also select resources and Daylite will display when they are booked.