Permissions are a great way of restricting access to specific records in Daylite, such as a person, appointment, or note. In addition to Permissions, Users Accounts can have restrictions as well. If you set a User Account with Limited Access, that user can only see records they create or objects assigned to that user.

Here is a scenario. Company ABC has five employees (user accounts), and one user is a limited-access user - named User 1. Appointments that other users create will not show up on User 1's calendar unless the 'owner' field is changed to User 1. If the 'owner' field is left unchanged (i.e., it remains owned by whoever created the appointment), and we use permissions to assign the appointment to be viewable and editable by User 1, it will not show up on User 1's calendar.

In this scenario, User 1 would need to have Normal Access to see the appointment.