From time to time you may need to close certain tabs in Daylite. This article outlines the different methods that you can do this.

From the Tab Bar

Locate the Tab you would like to close on the tab bar and click on the X button within the tab Alt text

From the Menu Bar

When viewing from the tab you'd like to delete select File and choose Close Tab.

Alt text

From the Keyboard

Hold down the Command key and press the W key on the Keyboard to close the tab that you are currently viewing. This is the most commonly used method.

Closing All Tabs

In some cases you may want to close all of your open tabs and the methods outlined above would take too long because you have a large number of tabs. Below are the steps you take to reset your display state which will close all your tabs and take you back to the home screen.

  1. Quit Daylite 5

  2. Hold down the [option] key on your keyboard and launch Daylite 5

  3. Daylite 5 will be started in the Home view with no other tabs present