How do I add Timer Log entries to my invoice template? How do I add Timer Log entries to my invoice template?

How do I add Timer Log entries to my invoice template?

Julia Julia

You can do this with your current custom invoice template or by creating a new invoice template based on a built-in design.

For a current custom template, go to Billings Pro > Preferences > Templates to find your template. Click the edit button or double-click on the template name to open the template editor.

For a new template you are creating, go to Design > New Invoice and you can name the invoice, then choose one of the built-in templates as a starting point.

Steps to add Timer Log Entries on your invoice:

  1. After loading your invoice, create a new column. Select the column, click the Insert button in the toolbar, and choose Table Column to the left or right.
  2. Select the column where the data must appear, click the Convert button in the toolbar and choose To Box.
  3. After converting the table to a box, click on the newly created box and at the bottom of the screen under the report, find STInvoiceTable and select that. Find the size adjustment box (a small box that appears in the centre of the bottom line) and pull it to expand the box. After stretching it, click on the newly created box and do the same expand procedures for TAInvoiceTable and TRData.
  4. Drag a Table from the Objects section on the right into the newly created box. The box should be highlighted grey and the cursor should change into a plus sign. After dropping it, in the Info section on the right, click on Data to expand and see its options and click the + sign in the box there. Choose Standard Filter and a new window opens up. Go to the Columns Tab, choose the Relationship at the top as Slip Timer's Log Entries and then click Configure Columns.
  5. In the options that become available, choose the one you would like to include (Timer Entry Date and Timer Entry Comment). After adding those and modifying the table to fit the column.
  6. Close the Report Window and an option to save the changes will appear. Save the changes and when you choose this particular template to invoice, it will pull the information you've just added.