Unexpected Totals for Timed Slips

When managing your slips you may notice that the math for your timed slips does not equal Time X Per Hour Rate. This can be alarming but there is often an explanation.

When creating slips Billings Pro will display the time you have logged. This is not always the actual time used to bill your clients. Based on your billing increment, Billings Pro will round up when calculating the total.

For example:

You have created a timed slip for a meeting you've had with a client. The timer duration reads 1 hour and 25 minutes at a rate of $50 per hour. If you did the straight math this would be $71.67. Your slip total might be different, such as $75. In Billings Pro, the slip details wondow is displayedd

Why is that?!

In this case, that is because your billing increment is set to round up to 15 minutes increments. Billings Pro has changed the duration from 1 hour and 25 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Giving us the correct value of $75.

How can I change my billing increment?

You can change your billing increment by going to Billings Pro > Identity and Rates and updating to a new increment. When you change your billing increment the total for the current slip will not update. If you want active slips to change you will need to recreate them.