How do I send proof of payment? How do I send proof of payment?

How do I send proof of payment?

Julia Julia

When an invoice has been fully paid a stamp indicator is added to the invoice automatically. If you are required to send a client proof of payment or receipt of services rendered and paid you can simply send them the invoice again including the paid stamp.

See screenshots below:

In Billings Pro_Send Receipt

In Mail_Billings Pro Receipt message

This is a great way to let your clients know their invoices have been marked as paid.

To do this, follow the steps here:

  1. Launch Billings Pro and select the client
  2. Click on the Accounts pane
  3. Select the invoice that had been marked as paid
  4. Go to File > Print Invoice

If you need to email your client proof of payment, at the print window Select the PDF button on the bottom left and choose the Mail as PDF option. Now you can send the customer a PDF copy of the invoice with the paid stamp applied.