Daylite gives you the ability to create new tasks in multiple ways with Daylite. Each one allows you to customize your workflow and find out which way works best for you. Here is a breakdown of the different ways you can create a task in Daylite.

From the menu bar

You can quickly create a task within Daylite from the menu bar. You can do that by doing the following

  1. Open Daylite
  2. Choose File > New > New Task.

Here you can see a keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘T to create a new task as well.

Add a new object button

In the top left corner of the Daylite toolbar, you can create a new task with the add new object button. The exact wording of this button will vary depending on the record type you are viewing.

In Daylite_New OBject drop down menu

In a pipeline

If you have a project or opportunity with a pipeline, you can quickly add tasks within the pipeline stage.

Within a stage's task list simply click within the New task field and give the task a name. Now you can add additional details as needed.

When viewing a person, company, project or opportunity in list view or a slide over, you can quickly add a task with the quick link button. This will automatically link the task to the record you had selected.

Click the new task button and fill in your task details and save

Daylite_Project_New Task button

When creating a new record

When creating a new record you may want to also create a new task linked to this record. With Daylite you can do this easily

  1. When creating the new record click "..." from the right corner of the new record window
  2. Click on New Task
  3. Fill in the task details
  4. Choose Save All

Quick Tasks

With a Quick Task Shortcut, you can quickly add new Tasks in Daylite no matter what app you're in so you can capture that moment of inspiration, or a new series of Tasks without interrupting what you are currently working on.

  1. Go to the Daylite menu bar and select Preferences
  2. Choose the General Preference
  3. In the Quick task entry shortcut section select Click to record shortcut Daylite_Prefrences_quick task shortcut

  4. When the Short cut text box changes to Type shortcut create your shortcut Daylite_quick task shortcut box

    You can create your own shortcut so it is easy to remember. To create a keyboard shortcut, hold down one or more modifier keys while pressing the last key of the shortcut, similar to how you use other shortcuts like Command-C (copy).

    The modifier keys you can use are:
    Shift ⇧
    Control ⌃

    Your shortcut must not be one already in use by Dayilte. If you use a key in use, you will see this error message and need to try another. Daylite_shortcuts combination error
    To avoid conflict with Apple Shortcuts, check out Mac keyboard shortcuts.

  5. When you type in your Quick Task Shortcut a new Daylite Task window will appear even if you're in another application

New Task compose window