Adding Contacts

You want to hit the ground running by adding your Apple Contacts into Daylite and we've made it easy to do exactly that.

  1. On the Daylite sidebar select People or Companies
  2. Choose + Import Contacts from the bottom of the contact list
  3. Click to open Contacts
  4. Choose the contacts you want to add by dragging them into Daylite on top of:

Selecting multiple contacts: In the Contacts app hold down the Command key, then click each contact you want to add

Select multiple items that are listed together: Click the first contact, then press the Shift key and click the last one. All contacts in between are included in the selection.

Select all Contacts: Click the Contacts app window to make it active, then press Command-A.


Creating New Contacts

You’ll be adding contacts in Daylite frequently and this is why you have a few different ways to create one.

1. New Object Button

Wherever you are in Daylite you can always create a new contact with the button.

This button is an easy way to add anything in Daylite and will change depending on what you have selected. It is located in the top left corner of Daylite. If you are not viewing contacts and want to create a new one, click next to the New Object Button and choose the contact type you want.
2. Quick Linking

Create and link a new contact to anything in Daylite with the Quick Link button in Daylite.

When viewing something in Daylite you will see near the top right of their activity. By Clicking here you can search your database and link a person. If the name is not found, you can choose + New Person and create them right there.
3. File Menu

To create contacts from the **File Menu** choose File New and choose the type of contact you want to make.

Filling in Contacts

When creating new contacts you need to fill in their details. Daylite has all the things you'd expect like a photo, name, phone number email etc however there are a few fields you might not be familiar with:

Categories: Categories can be used for top-level sorting and filtering. Each contact can only have one Category and should be used to classify your contacts as their primary segment.

Create your own categories in Daylite Preferences
Some examples of keywords could be:
- Lead
- Customer
- Employee
- Vendor
Keywords: Keywords are a more flexible way to classify your contacts. As a contact can have an unlimited number of Keywords they can be used in as many different ways as you want.

Create your own Keywords in Daylite Preferences or on the fly when editing a contact.

Some examples of ways you can use Keywords:
- Lead Temperature (hot, warm, cold)
- Trade Show Attendances
- Newsletter participation
- Services they've purchased
Roles & Relationships: When two people or two companies are linked together, they are connected by a relationship, and when people are linked to companies, projects, or opportunities, they are connected by a role.

You can add Roles & Relationships in Daylite Preferences.

Examples of Roles:
- Sales Manager
- Business Owner
- Agent

Examples of Relationships
- Spouse of
- Referred & Referred by
- Business Partner of