How to use Notifications in Daylite How to use Notifications in Daylite

How to use Notifications in Daylite

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Notifications alert you about upcoming meetings, delegated activities, and reminders for tasks and appointments.

There are 3 types of notifications in Daylite:


You can set up reminders for tasks or appointments to notify you at a certain time and date. Daylite notifies you at the exact date and time you have specified. The reminder is displayed in the Notifications pane with brief details about your task or activity and you may choose to Snooze or Dismiss it.

Click Snooze when you are aware of the reminder, but you want Daylite to remind you again at a chosen time. If you want to Dismiss the reminder, click Dismiss.

Meeting Invitations/Responses

Daylite can be used to send and receive meeting invitations and track the responses of the invitees. When someone in your team creates a new appointment of the type "meeting," links you as an invitee, and sends the meeting invitation, you are notified about the meeting in your Notifications pane.

You may choose to Accept or Decline the invitation. The user who has invited you to the meeting is updated about the meeting response. The user can reschedule the meeting or dismiss it.


You can delegate a task, project, or appointment to another user in Daylite. When you delegate, the user who you delegated to gets notified in their Notifications pane. The user can then finish the task and change the status to completed or anything appropriate. At this point, you will receive an update about the delegation that the task has been completed.

When you delegate an item in Daylite, make sure you select the "Notify Me of changes" checkbox. This will help you to stay updated about all the changes made to the delegated item.

From Daylite on the Mac, you can also dismiss all reminders and updates from the bottom of the notification list. This will leave any outstanding delegations on your list. Please note that once dismissed you can not undo this action

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