Daylite is the ideal solution for real estate agents to keep in touch with clients and manage their property sales on your Mac, iPad and iPhone.

What are Industry Packs?

Industry Packs are a set of pre-built configurations designed to better your Daylite experience by providing Industry-specific details such as Categories, Keywords, Pipelines, etc.

Track the Status of Your Property Leads

With the use of pipelines in Daylite, you can track the stages of each buyer and/or seller lead on a property. Now you and your team know what has been done and what needs to be done next. Your transactions stay organized and in a routine process.

Keep Your Contacts Organized

Know who all your contacts are and what role they play in each transaction. With Daylite, you can categorize your contacts whether that be by the client, referral, spouse of contact, or an inspector for a property. Track your referrals and link contacts to each transaction so you never forget who is involved.

Track Your Email Correspondence with Clients

Daylite is much more than a real estate CRM. With Daylite you can link any e-mails from a client to a transaction, along with appointments, notes, and calls so you have a full history of conversation in one centralized place. With Daylite Mail Assistant, you can record all e-mails to and from leads and refer back to a conversation in seconds.

Take Your Work With You

Whether you're in the office, on the road, or out to lunch with a client, stay on top of your day with Daylite on your iPhone and iPad. This real estate software travels with you wherever you go so you can maximize your time spent on the road and in between client meetings. Add a client meeting to your calendar from your iPhone or gather information about a client's property needs with your iPad. Bring your work with you to every open house, viewing or lunch meeting. You can work with or without an internet connection.

Download the Industry Pack

Click the download button for the Industry Pack and read this article for instructions to install. Daylite is real estate management software that will have you improving your efficiency in no time.