The Opportunity Pipeline The Opportunity Pipeline

The Opportunity Pipeline

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Pipelines help you visually track what stage each Opportunity is in. And also act as a guide to make sure you and your Team are following the steps in order.
In Advanced Pipelines, you can add Tasks and Appointments that will then automatically populate into your Opportunity and save a lot of data entry time.

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Creating Pipelines

  1. From the Daylite Menu Bar click Preferences.
  2. Click Pipelines.
  3. Click + in the bottom left corner.
  4. Name your Pipeline.
  5. Make sure “Applies to” is checked off for Opportunities.
A Pipeline can either be used for a Project or Opportunity, but not for both.

Creating Stages

  1. Click New Stage at the top.
  2. Name the Stage and click done.
  3. For your second Stage, click Add Stage in the top right corner.
  4. Continue doing this until you have all your desired Stages.
You can edit the Stages by clicking on the specific Stage, lined across the top. You can edit the name, rearrange their order and delete it. 

Adding Tasks & Appointments

Click New Task or New Appointment under a Specific Stage
For a Task, you can add as many details as you would with a regular Task. You can add a Category, Keywords and even specify the Owner of the Task. As well, you can add a Due Date either based on the Start (Forward) or End (Reverse) Date of the Project.
Just like Tasks, Appointments can be edited to add all the information of a regular Appointment. 

Applying a Pipeline to an Opportunity

  1. Choose either a New or Existing Opportunity.
  2. Go to the Task and Pipeline tab and click Choose a Pipeline.
  3. A window will pop up that will allow you to toggle between all your existing Pipelines. Once you’ve chosen one, click Choose Pipeline.
  4. Your chosen Pipeline will populate into the Opportunity.
As you complete the Tasks, you can check them off as Completed and advance to the next stage. To do this, click the current Stage and click Change Stage.
You can only assign 1 pipeline to an opportunity.