Sharing your Daylite calendar and tasks outside of Daylite Sharing your Daylite calendar and tasks outside of Daylite

Sharing your Daylite calendar and tasks outside of Daylite

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What Can I Do With Calendar Sharing?

Share your Daylite Appointments as well as Tasks with Apple's Calendar and Reminders app to add appointments and Tasks with Siri.
Sharing your Daylite Calendar creates a new Calendar list in your apps. It will not sync with other contact services like iCloud or Google Calendar.

All CalDAV installations are user/device-specific, so setting DAV up in Daylite for one user, will not show up on anyone else's devices. Please set up calendar sharing on all Macs, iPhones and iPads individually.

Calendars On The iPhone & iPad

Follow these steps on each iPhone & iPad that you want to share your Daylite appointments and tasks.

Install a Calendar Profile

  1. Open the Daylite App on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Within Daylite, tap All from the bottom menu bar
  3. On the Daylite Sidebar Screen, scroll to the bottom and tap Settings > Calendar
  4. Tap Show Daylite Calendar in other apps
  5. Tap Install Daylite Calendar Profile
  6. You will be brought to the Safari browser to confirm. Tap Allow

    Alt text
  7. Tap Close on the 'Profile Downloaded' message

    Alt text
  8. Go to your device's Settings app and tap on Profile Downloaded
  9. Review the profile and tap Install
  10. Enter your passcode and then complete the profile installation

Make Daylite Your Default Calendar

  1. Open Settings
  2. Choose Calendar
  3. Tap Default Calendar
  4. Select your Daylite Account

Success! Your Daylite Appointments will appear in the Calendar app, while Tasks will be synced to the Reminders app on your iPhone and iPad!

If you are unable to choose Daylite as your default Calendar and only see Category-specific Calendars, then you will need to change your Daylite Preferences. From Daylite’s Menu Bar > Daylite > Preferences > Calendar Integration > Daylite Calendar in Other Apps, here you will need to change the Show Appointment as One Calendar. You can then proceed with the steps to make your Daylite Calendar your default Calendar on your device.

Calendars On The Mac

Watch the video below to add your Daylite appointments to the Apple Calendar app

Install A Calendar Profile

  1. Open Daylite on your Mac
  2. Go to Daylite > Settings > Calendar Integration > Daylite Calendar In Other Apps
  3. Decide if you would like to share your Daylite Calendar to the Apple Calendar on your computer, or to another application.
    • For the Apple Calendar on your computer, click on the ‘Install Daylite Calendar Profile' button.  On macOS Catalina, click the ‘Install’ button from the screen that appears. On macOS Big Sur, you will need to manually go to  from the top menu--> System Preferences --> Profiles and click Install. For macOS Ventura you will need to go to System Settings ---> Privacy & Security ---> Profiles and then double click the Profile and press Install.
    • For another application, click on 'Go to my account' and follow the on-screen instructions.

Make Daylite Your Default Calendar

  1. Open Calendar and choose Calendar > Settings
  2. Choose General
  3. Click the pop-up menu labelled "Default Calendar App" and choose your Daylite Calendar

Success! Your Daylite Calendar will now appear in Apple Calendar on your Mac as a separate Daylite Calendar Group, while Tasks will be synced to the Reminders app.

Each time you create contact/calendar sharing, a new user/password is created. This password can be found by logging into your Account Manager's page. Under the Integrations tab, you'll find the Calendar and Contact Integration section. If you get a notification from the Internet Accounts on your Mac to enter the password for a username that will look something like "7dla1a2n", for example, please use this password generated in Calendar and Contact sharing to connect your account.

Reminders can be configured to integrate with Daylite, but only tasks from your Worklist and Inbox will be shared directly with the Reminders App on your Mac. Apple Reminders app is automatically configured through the Calendar application (once Calendar sharing is set up, notifications will be displayed in Notification Centre). To learn more, click here.


Cloud Sharing: Other Applications

Any application which supports CalDAV should be able to access appointments from Daylite with the correct server settings for your Cloud account. As each application has its own server setting format, review the application's documentation for specific steps.

When sharing your calendar, all appointments will be visible.

  1. Log into your Account Manager page.
  2. Choose "Integrations" and scroll to the bottom of the "Calendar and Contact Integration" section.
  3. Click "+ New App Login"
  4. Add the name of the application or person you are sharing your appointments with then click Generate

Now you can use the username, password and server address generated to share your Calendar. If a port setting is required, use port 443.

Success! Your Daylite calendar will now appear in the program you have decided to share with!

Account Admins have the ability to block a User from utilizing DAV and sharing their data with other Applications. If you are experiencing issues with sharing your Calendar, this could be a possibility. Have your Account Admin check this feature by going to Daylite's Menu Bar > Daylite > Settings > Users & Teams > Users > Your Name and clicking on the Advanced button. A Window will pop up and they will need to check off "Share and sync data with Other Applications, “ for DAV to work for you.

If you want to share your contacts with other apps, check out How to Share Daylite Contacts With Other Contact Applications.