How to Send Contacts From MailChimp to Daylite With Zapier How to Send Contacts From MailChimp to Daylite With Zapier

How to Send Contacts From MailChimp to Daylite With Zapier

This Zap is for anyone who has a webform or other form that feeds contacts into MailChimp, such as a newsletter sign-up page, and would like to get these contacts into Daylite without importing hand.

If you want to have your Daylite Contacts imported into your Mailchimp Lists, check out the Add-on EmailMarketing.

This Zap does require a Zapier Starter account or greater.

1. Launch the zap template and select Use this ZapAlt text

2. Click Continue
Alt text
3. If you have your MailChimp account setup in Zapier already, select it here. Otherwise, select Connect a New Account and follow the instructions to connect your MailChimp account to Zapier. Once you have selected your MailChimp account, click Continue Alt text

4. Next, select the MailChimp subscriber list to be used, and click Continue.
Alt text

5. Zapier will test to see if it can fetch an existing subscriber in the list. Click Fetch & Continue. If you see Test Successful, the zap was able to find a subscriber from the list. You can then hit Continue.Alt text

6. You will then be taken to the Filter step. Hit Continue.Alt text

7. Here, the filter options will only allow the zap to proceed if the MailChimp subscriber has a first name (Merges Fname) and last name (Merges Lname). Hit Continue. Then, select Test Filter. Alt text

8. If the sample subscriber from MailChimp has a first and last name, you will see the following success screen. Select Continue. Alt text

9. We are now ready to set up the Daylite portion of the zap. Select Continue, then choose your Daylite account from the list. If you do not have your Daylite account connected to Zapier, you can select Connect a New Account and login, and then select this account from the list. Then, select Save & Continue.Alt text

10. The options to create the new contact are available on this screen. Select Continue. Alt text

11. You can now review the test data to see the details of the contact to be created. Select Search or Create & Continue.
Alt text

12. If the test is successful, you will see a success screen. Click on Finish. Your Zap will now be active and create new Daylite contacts when a MailChimp subscriber with a first and last name is added. Alt text