Note that if you downloaded the Daylite app from the App Store, this version will not include the mail plugin. Please delete the app you're currently using and re-download it right from our website:

Daylite Mail Assistant helps you capture new leads, store emails and create follow-up reminders right from your inbox.

How to install DMA on macOS Monterey, and Big Sur:

How to install DMA on macOS Ventura:


Daylite Mail Assistant must be installed and updated via the menu bar -> Daylite -> Install Mail Assistant 



  1. Open Apple Mail.
  2. In the menu bar choose Mail > Preferences or in macOS Ventura Mail > Settings 
  3. In the Mail preferences, click Manage Plug-insAlt text
  4. Select DayliteMailAssistant.mailbundle checkbox.
    Alt text
  5. Click Apply and Restart Mail.

Mail will restart and the Daylite Mail Assistant pane should now show on the right.



If the Daylite Mail Assistant is not showing in Apple Mail, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the View Menu from within Apple Mail.

  2. Select "Show Daylite Assistant" from the bottom of the list:

  3. The Daylite Mail Assistant pane should now show on the right.


If after following these steps, you don't see the Daylite Mail Assistant pane, contact us and we can help.