Email On-Demand allows you to view the emails you add to your database without needing to download every single time you log in, as well as avoid lengthy syncing. You can choose to download all emails after you log in by managing your Email On-Demand settings.

These settings are unique to each Mac. If you use more than one Mac you will need to update the settings for each Mac individually.


How to Manage Email On-Demand

  1. Update to the latest version of Daylite
  2. Go to the Daylite Preferences and choose Email from the bottom right corner
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  3. If you do not see this button, quit and restart Daylite
  4. Once you choose Email you will see two options. The default is Optimize Storage - where emails are accessible in Daylite once they are opened. See below for more info on this option.
  5. The second option is Download All Email Contents. Clicking on this button will start the download process. You’ll see a blue bar below to indicate the status of the download. See below for more info on this option.
  6. If you choose to download all email contents, you will see a message asking if you want to enable ‘sync in the background’, if you have not previously allowed this. Enabling this option will allow Daylite to continue downloading emails even if Daylite has been quit. The setting is optional and you can choose not to enable it.

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Optimized Storage

The contents of emails added to Daylite are accessible when you view them. All emails added to Daylite will show linked and in your email list at all times. Once you have ‘retrieved’ an email by clicking to download it, the email will be in your offline and accessible at all times.

This optimizes your storage, saving space on your hard drive and ensuring faster syncing.

Download All Email Contents

Download all email contents if you need to access all your emails at any time, including when offline. Email contents do require additional storage on your hard drive. This window will indicate the storage required to download all current emails. Adding additional emails requires additional storage.

When the download starts, a progress bar on this page will appear, which, depending on the size of your database, may not move a lot right away. As long as the progress bar is present, all your emails will continue to download. Once the progress bar disappears, the download is complete.

The time to download all emails will vary depending on the total number of emails in your database. You can continue to use Daylite, including adding new emails. Turn on sync in the background to continue downloading even after quitting Daylite.