CalDAV Repeating Appointments Issues CalDAV Repeating Appointments Issues

CalDAV Repeating Appointments Issues

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CalDAV is a great tool that allows you to share your calendar information with other devices such as Mac OS or iOS Calendar app. While the integration between Daylite and these other Calendar applications work great for standalone appointments, there are issues that can arise if using repeating appointments.

Due to technical differences in the repeating model used by Daylite and CalDAV, edits made to repeating appointments in other apps may not sync correctly. If you start making or made edits to your repeating appointments (i.e. 'Apply to All Occurences' or 'Apply to Selected only'), the following side effects may occur with the appointments in the "repeat chain":

  • Some appointments may not sync.

  • Deleted appointments may not be deleted in other apps where CalDAV is setup.

  • Appointments may be duplicated.

  • Appointment details may not be updated in other apps where your CalDAV account is setup.


How can I avoid this behaviour?

  • To mitigate the behaviour that may be caused by editing repeating appointments, we suggest that you refrain from making edits to any repeating appointments in other apps where your CalDAV account is setup.

  • If you absolutely need to edit a repeating appointment, we suggest that you make the edit in Daylite. From our testing, we have found that when edits to repeating appointments originate from Daylite, the changes that propagated to CalDAV are less likely to disrupt the "repeat chain".

  • If you do not wish to use repeating appointments, but need to schedule appointments that are recurring, then we suggest using the duplicate feature in Daylite. You can duplicate a standalone appointment and modify the date/time etc., to create a new standalone appointment. Remember that syncing standalone appointments with CalDAV is more reliable than syncing repeating appointments.