Note: This is a change to the report engine as of the 2020.19 updates to Daylite.

To ensure optimal performance, report templates are limited to a maximum of 5 MB each, with each image within a template limited to 512 KB.

Creating New Report Templates

When creating a new report template, the overall size will be limited to 5 MB. If you add images to your template, the images will be limited to a maximum of 512 KB each.

If you attempt to add an image larger than 512 KB into a report template, a message will be displayed: 


If this occurs, you will need to save your image to a smaller size before adding it to the template.


Importing New Report Templates

If you have a new report that is not in Daylite, a message will be displayed when attempting to import any report larger than 5 MB: 


Updating Existing Report Templates

For any existing reports that exceed the template limits, the file will need to be updated once opened. A message will be displayed when attempting to save a template that exceeds the limits:


If this occurs, you should first attempt to replace the images with new versions that are 512 KB or less.

If you are unable to see or find the large image(s), please follow these steps: 

  • Save the report to disk: image.png


  • Navigate to the saved file and right-click on it to select "Show Package Contents" 
  • Delete the image(s) from here:Screen_Shot_2020-06-09_at_12.11.12_PM.png


  • Re-import the template from the Daylite Preferences > Report Templates:Screen_Shot_2020-06-09_at_12.13.08_PM.png