Daylite can display appointments from other calendars on your iPhone or iPad, like iCloud, Google, Exchange, Yahoo! and more. 

Follow the steps below to share your other calendars with Daylite for iPhone and iPad.

1. Open Daylite, Tap on Home > Settings > Calendar:



2. Tap on 'Show other calendars in Daylite' and tap the toggle button to turn calendar sharing on:



3. Tap 'OK' to allow Daylite to access your other calendars:



Success! Daylite will now display any other calendar that has been added to your iPhone or iPad:



To view the appointments from your other calendar(s), tap on the Calendar tab: 


The appointments from other calendars are added to Daylite cannot be linked to other records in Daylite. Additionally, the other calendar appointments will only be visible on that device for the user who set it up.


What if you don't have any other calendars set up on your iPhone or iPad? If you were given a URL: 

Follow these instructions if you were given a URL.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

  2. Go to Passwords & Accounts, then tap Add Account.

  3. Tap Other, then tap Add Subscribed Calendar.

  4. Enter the URL into the field, then tap Next.

  5. Enter other server information if required, then tap Save.