End of Support for macOS Catalina End of Support for macOS Catalina

End of Support for macOS Catalina

Megan Megan

The choice to have Daylite be a native app has its advantages. Better performance, offline access, and integration with Apple Systems. However, as with every choice, there are trade-offs.

In the past, our policy has been to support the three most current OS. On the surface, this policy made sense. Many businesses could continue to use Daylite after a macOS update, but this policy has sometimes done more harm than good. Each year Apple adds new capabilities to help you do more. To achieve this, they remove the old code while adding new, better technology without looking back. Supporting Daylite on older operating systems has added bloat, making Daylite complex to support and slow to develop. Maintaining old code creates new bugs, and keeps us from being able to add new features to Daylite fast enough, the features you’ve asked to be added. 

This year, with the introduction of macOS 13 (Ventura) and its many new capabilities, we had an important decision to make. We want to provide you with a first-class app but we found that supporting macOS 10.14, 10.15, and 11.0 would create more of the same problems. 

With all this in mind, giving you the best experience, modern features, fewer bugs, and faster development, we’ve decided to drop macOS 10.15. Customers running macOS 10.15 and using Daylite version 2022.33 or later l sync after Oct 31st, 2022. However, users will no longer receive updates for bugs access to new features, and may not receive technical support.

We strongly recommend that customers upgrade to macOS 11. 

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