Creating Opportunities in Daylite Creating Opportunities in Daylite

Creating Opportunities in Daylite

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There are 3 ways to create new opportunities in Daylite.

1. From the Home view, you can click the +New button and select the New Opportunity option from the menu:

Daylite_Home_New Opportunity

2. Navigate to the All Opportunities or My Opportunities section and click +New Opportunity:

Daylite_My Oppotrunities_New Opportunity

3. Create one from an already selected Daylite object, like People, Company, Appointment etc. by clicking ... from the top right corner and choosing New Opportunity:

Daylite_Appotintments_New Opportunity


To view all opportunities you created, navigate to the Objectives section in Daylite's left side panel and select My Opportunities.

When setting up a new opportunity, make sure that you link every relevant person or company to it.

To link a person or a company to an opportunity, open your opportunity in the Edit mode, click Add Person or Add Comany and search for their name, then double-click to link them.

Also, make sure you specify the Role for each person and company you link so that everybody understands who does what in this specific opportunity. Daylite will display a dropdown menu for each person and company allowing you to set individual roles for each linked record:

Opportunity_add person, company and role


Link all relevant Daylite objects like tasks, emails, files etc to your new opportunity through the ... menu option. Linked objects will display in the opportunity's activity history on the right-hand side.