Daylite Helper Errors Daylite Helper Errors

Daylite Helper Errors

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The error messages below are usually seen when Daylite is installed incorrectly, named incorrectly, or if multiple's exist on your device and should all be able to be remedied using the same steps we included below.


CannotConnectHelper.png CannotLaunchHelper.png

Cannot Connect to Daylite Helper.

Cannot launch Daylite Helper.


IncorrectHelper.png HelperCannotrun.png
Incorrect version of Daylite Helper.  Daylite Helper cannot run.


  1. Quit Daylite (If Open)
  2. Quit Mail (If Open)
  3. Open Finder
  4. Search for Daylite
  5. Click on "This Mac"
  6. Delete any Daylite applications and zips you might have on your device.
  7. Download the latest version of Daylite from this link:
  8. Navigate to your Downloads folder
  9. Double click on the .zip to extract the from the .zip file (If using safari it should auto unzip)
  10. Drag the from your downloads folder into the /Applications folder
  11. Restart your device
  12. Open Daylite

These steps should resolve your issue, however, if they do not please initiate a support ticket here for our Technical Support Team to investigate further.