New and improved phone formatting is here!

Previously Daylite automatically formatted only North American numbers but we've made some changes to allow international phones to be automatically formatted as well.

Due to this change, the phone formatting option in the Daylite General preferences has been updated.

The system uses standardized phone number formatting now. It takes your Mac's region into account and formats automatically, depending on where you’re located.

You can enable or disable the automatic phone number formatting right in your Daylite's Preferences-> General Pane.


In Daylite on your mobile device, navigate to Settings > Contacts, where you will see a new selection called Phone Numbers and a toggle called “Automatic Formatting”.


Please note that on the iOS version users may need to sync their device and then restart Daylite in order to see the setting from the desktop version being reflected. However, if the setting is applied on the iOS device, it will be available right away.